Michielan, artisan ice-cream

The tradition…the sweet smells and the endless flavours of soft, fresh, creamy home-made ice-cream. These age-old flavours have always played an important role and today we are still making ice-cream to the highest standards with traditional artisan recipes.

The meticulous attention paid to the choice and the purchase of the best raw ingredients, scrupulous production controls, continuous research into creativity and innovation, improvement of services and our customer service have been top priority for over thirty years. Today these qualities enable us to guarantee what our customers have come to expect: complete satisfaction when enjoying our deliciously soft, fresh, creamy ice-cream…


The taste of our delicious portions are ready for every occasion. The art of old masters ice cream blends with the mood of the trial, for sensational taste with a unique taste and unmissable. To serve your guests in an elegant and original packaging. From proporrete in the convenience of a portion ready, the flavors of a tradition that has found in the ‘exaltation of taste’s claim to fame around the world.

The innovative design combined with careful attention to detail, make our products unique designed to meet any particular requirement. Portions give prestige because products are served to perfection.


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